2021 life insurance promotions

by Mark Cluett
2 min read

While term life insurance does not go on sale, Canadian insurance companies occasionally offer promotions to prospective customers. 2021 has brought us some unprecedented offers from two of the top insurance companies in Canada. Read below for details on these offers from RBC Insurance and Canada Life.

RBC Insurance

RBC Insurance discounts and offers on term life insurance

For a limited time, RBC Insurance is offering 10% premium discount on their term life insurance policies. Any RBC YourTerm life insurance application received after March 1 until the promotion’s end is eligible for the discount. With these savings, term life insurance through RBC Insurance is one of the most competitively priced insurance policies in Canada.

Please note, the discount applies only to the base policy and does not include term life insurance riders added to other RBC Insurance policies.

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canada life insurance review logoCanada Life discounts and offers on term life insurance

Canada Life had offered 4 months of free insurance to Canadians applying for new term 20, term 30 and term-to-age-65 policies.

Unfortunately this promotion ended on March 19, 2021. Also note the offer only included 3 free months in British Columbia (BC). More details available here. Read our full Canada Life term life insurance reviews to learn more about some of the eligible policies and contact our advisors for further help with Canada Life insurance products.

How to get term life insurance promotions and offers

You can get term life insurance promotions and offers by speaking with an expert at PolicyAdvisor. Our team has experience with all of Canada’s largest insurance companies and can help you find the right coverage while taking advantage of these limited-time offers. Book some time with us today to find out how.

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