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Foresters Critical Illness Insurance Review

by Mark Cluett
4 min read

Best For Basic Coverage


Foresters Whole Life Insurance


AM Best
financial strength rating Rating

Best For Basic Coverage


Foresters Whole Life Insurance


AM Best
financial strength rating Rating

Foresters’ Critical Illness Insurance Review

Foresters’ Health Security Plus is the Honda Civic of critical illness insurance – it only offers the basics (6 covered conditions), but it gets them right, including the most commonly occurring health issues. While they offer an enhanced product that covers more, Health Security Plus is the best choice for those looking for only the essentials.


  • Six disease coverage (better than other basic coverage plans)
  • Access to Foresters’ community benefits
  • Return of premium options available


  • Limited coverage term (only 10 years term) and amount (max of $100,000)
  • No partial payment for non-life threatening illnesses
  • No limited pay options available
  • No children’s coverage
  • No whole life coverage
Product NameLifeCare (Enhanced), Health Security Plus (Basic)
Critical Illness coverageBasic and Enhanced Coverage
Available Terms10 years and to age 75
Limited Pay optionNone
Maximum coverageUp to $2-million
Conditions coveredLifeCare - 21 conditions, Health Security Plus,- 6 conditions
Loss of Independent Existence coverageYes in LifeCare, not included in Health Security Plus
Partial payout conditionsNo
Partial payment or early detection paymentNo
Childhood illnesses coverageYes for enhanced coverage
Survival period30 days
Return of Premium on deathYes
Return of Premium on expiry/cancellationYes. Available after the 10th year of coverage
Second optionNo
Electronic applicationYes
Online account accessYes

Who is Foresters?

Foresters Financial derives from the Independent Order of Foresters – a socially responsible, international financial services provider that has served North America for 140 years since splitting from a UK-based parent group. Foresters Financial has been an early champion of gender and racial equality and is known internationally for its charitable efforts in times of tragedy and need.

Does Foresters sell critical illness insurance?

Yes. Foresters offers two critical illness insurance products. LifeCare is their enhanced coverage plan (covering 25 conditions), while Health Security Plus provides basic coverage ( 6 conditions).

What critical illness insurance coverage does Foresters offer?

Foresters’ maximum coverage for critical illness insurance is $2-million. 

They offer coverage for loss of independent existence. They offer partial payouts for 6 different conditions, and they can be claimed twice. The payout is typically 15% of the policy up to $50,000, and partial payments can be claimed twice during the coverage period.

Foresters survival period (how long you must survive with the illness before you can collect your benefit) is 30 days.

Foresters offers critical illness insurance for a 10-year term or coverage up to 75 years of age.

There are no limited-pay options available.

Does Foresters critical illness insurance offer a return of premiums?

Yes, Foresters offers return of premiums on death and return of premium on expiry or cancellation of the policy after its 10th year.

How do I apply for Foresters’ critical illness insurance?

You can apply for Foresters’ critical illness insurance using the best online life insurance broker in Canada. You can enter your information and look up quotes using the button below or schedule a call with one of our licensed brokers to apply for Foresters’ critical illness insurance.

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