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The benefits of shopping for life insurance online

by Mark Cluett
4 min read

You know what would be ironic? Getting hit by a bus on the way to buy life insurance. Unless you’re using your iPhone in the crosswalk, there’s virtually no chance of that happening when you buy life insurance online. Of course, avoiding motor vehicle collisions is not the only advantage of buying life insurance online in Canada. Here are a few more we think you should know about before you start inviting insurance companies and brokers to your home for life insurance rates.

Your time is valuable

So, what you’re after is life insurance, right? And what are you wasting when you sit in some insurance company’s office looking at oily magazines waiting for an overdressed insurance agent to show up? Life. That’s what. When you buy life insurance online, every part of the process is faster and easier – letting you live the very thing you’re looking to insure.

You can get online term life insurance quotes in a matter of a few minutes and speak with an advisor without getting your formal wear from the dry cleaner. And, we know a tool that even lets you apply for term life insurance online, without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. The only thing you need is access to the world wide web, and we are not even asking for 5G speeds yet.

Convenience counts

Searching for the best online life insurance gives you access to the best insurers in Canada. Forget pounding pavement all over town or calling a dozen different offices that happen to be near your home. Forget all that. Go online and access information on term life insurance quotes from the best life insurance companies in Canada from the convenience of your laptop, iPad, Galaxy S Infinity or your other favourite device – wherever you might be.

You get more options

When you compare life insurance companies online, finding the best life insurance quote is like finding a haystack. No needle, just a great big pile of insurance companies to choose from. You’ll be able to see everything each company offers without having to ask a bunch of questions from an agent representing only one company. The only real challenge you’ll encounter might be writing everything down so you can easily compare term life insurance premiums, what the insurance covers, and other policy quirks and differences.

If you’re good with spreadsheets, you’re all set. If not, a pad of paper with lines and columns will do. Even better –  we know a tool that saves all that info for you; you don’t even need to do any note-taking. Give your Mujis a break. Find the company with the best policies and prices at your leisure.

Low-pressure sales

Don’t you hate it when salespeople get in your face?


Fortunately, when you shop for the best online life insurance, you’re in control of the conversation. You’re blocking pop-ups, spiking banner ads, and minimizing those annoying fake health-remedy flash videos. You choose from what’s on offer in your time, with zero pressure from a salesperson hoping to earn a commission cheque. And if you still have questions, just schedule a call at your own time with the insurance advisor on the other side.

Shopping for life insurance online means unlimited price comparisons

The great thing about looking for the best insurance companies in Canada online is that you choose what price you want to pay and how much coverage you want – without all that sales pressure we mentioned above. You can evaluate different life insurance coverage amounts, change your insurance coverage term, and the type of product you want to buy as many times as you want. Just sit back and let the insurance calculator do its thing and find you prices that fit your budget in your own time. Try that in some agent’s stiff leather chair, and they’re liable to call security on you!

Speaking of calculators, here’s another great online tool you can use when looking for the best life insurance in Canada.

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