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What are group health insurance benefits?

Group health insurance benefits are a type of health insurance plan offered at a discounted rate for a group of people. This type of insurance covers medical expenses that provincial government health care does not, such as prescription medications, dental care, vision care, and paramedical services. Group health insurance is often offered as a part of an employee benefits plan or through an association, club, or other group.

What does group health insurance cover?

Group health insurance plan coverage depends on the provider and plan selected.

Group health insurance coverage options might include various medical equipment, vision care, dental benefits, and more. From prescription drug coverage to wellness programs, a well-crafted benefits plan ensures your employees have access to the healthcare they need.

What’s included in employee health benefits?

Many providers offer flexible options that may include coverages such as…

Prescription Drugs
Antibiotics, narcotics, creams, etc.
Dental Treatment
Teeth cleaning, braces, crowns, etc.
Paramedical Expenses
Physiotherapy, massage therapists, chiropractic care, etc
Vision Care
Glasses, contact lenses, eye exams, etc.
Medical Equipment
Crutches, nebulizers, CPAP machines, etc.
Travel Medical
Emergency medical expenses
Wellness Spending Account
Flexible allowance for additional health-related needs

Advantages of employee benefits

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just a competitive salary. Offering comprehensive group health benefits has become a cornerstone in shaping a workplace that values its employees’ well-being.

  • Promotes employee wellbeing and morale
    Improve the overall well-being of your workforce, reducing stress and enhancing morale.
  • Attracts and retains talent
    Draw in top talent with a competitive benefits package, promoting your company as an employer of choice.
  • Increases productivity
    Healthy employees are more productive, reducing absenteeism, and boosting overall output.
  • Tax advantages
    Businesses can usually write off the cost of their employee group health insurance on their income taxes (see CRA guidelines).
  • Cost sharing
    Making health insurance premiums more affordable for your employees compared to individual plans
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How much does group health insurance cost a business?

The cost of group benefits really depends on your group plan, business type, number of employees, and other factors. Generally, it can range from $50-$300 per month per employee, depending on the type of plan you choose for your team.

Quote for group employee health insurance

You pay...

$50 /employee

(without dental coverage)

$130 /employee

(with dental coverage)

Your Employees get...

  • 70% prescription drug coverage
  • $350 for paramedical expenses
  • $150 a year for vision care
  • $5 million in travel medical coverage
*Sample quote based off of a small business in retail sector. Actual premiums, coverage options, terms, and conditions may vary based on factors including but not limited to group size, demographics, geographic location, industry, and underwriting criteria.

The definite cost will depend on many factors such as location, plan type, business type, and other factors. In order to get an accurate price for your business, please speak to one of our expert insurance advisors for a customized quote!


What info is required to set up group health benefits?

Setting up your employee's group health insurance policies requires basic employee information, such as names and dependents, and details about the coverage you wish to provide. Your workplace health insurance plan will have a unique price depending on many factors.

The insurance company will want to know…

About your business...

  • Industry type
  • Have you had insurance before?
  • Associated with a group or union?

About your Employees...

  • Absent or on maternity leave?
  • Covered by workers compensation?
  • Do they work outside of Canada?
  • Demographic details such as
    • Province
    • Date of birth
    • Sex
    • Family status (married, single, common-law)
    • Number of dependents
  • Job details such as
    • Job title
    • Date of employment

About your plan...

  • Plan type (basic, standard, or enhanced)
  • Is vision care included?
  • Is dental care included?
  • Deductible level
  • Will benefits differ by employee type?

How does group health insurance differ from individual health insurance?

Individual health insurance plans and group plans offer similar coverage, but the major difference is in the price. The monthly premium for group health insurance is much lower than if the individual employee bought health insurance for themselves. This is because the cost is shared among the group.

Smaller businesses and groups with under 50 participants may get pooled with other group types to share the cost.

Read more about health insurance for small businesses.

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Best group health insurance companies

At, we are a marketplace for health insurance and other products. We work with Canada's best health and dental insurance companies that can provide your employees with top-tier medical coverage. Each provider has different plans and different prices and the right provider will truly depend on your business.

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Apply for group health insurance

Apply for group health insurance
Apply for group health insurance

To apply for group health benefits for your business connect with one of our expert advisors! We will ask you simple questions about your business, employees, and what coverage amounts you're looking for. Then we'll shop the health insurance market to find the best price for group coverage.

Frequently asked questions

Can I write off group health insurance?

Yes, you can write off health insurance on your business income taxes. Please review the CRA guidelines to ensure your health insurance expenses are entered properly.

How many employees do you need to qualify for group health insurance?

Most insurance companies consider the minimum number of employees for their group health insurance plans as 1-50 employees. Some companies may also have a minimum participation threshold to honour the price. For example, for you to get group pricing, 70% of your employee base must participate in the plan, making the cost-sharing effective for all parties.

What is a group plan administrator?

A group plan administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the group health insurance plan within a company. This may be your company's HR manager or someone in a similar position. This person helps their employees register for their health insurance and liaises with the health insurance company about changes or updates required for the plan.

Isn't health care covered in Canada?

Public health care plans in Canada provide coverage for basic medical care like doctor's visits, hospital stays, and surgery. It may also cover some medications/treatments administered in the hospital. However, thousands of other out-of-pocket expenses come with medical, dental, and vision care that are not covered by the provincial plan. That is where a private supplemental health plan comes in. Canadians can access additional coverage by either purchasing an individual plan or through their employer's group plan. This type of health insurance covers additional costs associated with complete recovery from injury or illness.