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Common questions

Life insurance is an agreement between you (the policyholder) and an insurance company, where they pay a lump-sum of tax-free money to someone you choose (your beneficiary) upon your death. In exchange, you pay a periodic sum of money, usually monthly, called a premium.

The amount of the premium, the payout, and other factors all depend on the agreement between you and the insurance company. You can read a more detailed explanation about life insurance in our Honest Guide to Life Insurance.

Term life insurance is temporary life insurance that typically covers a policyholder for a set period of time, most typically for 10, 20, or 30 years, or until the age of 65. It is simple to understand, can be tailored to meet individual needs, and is less expensive than other types of life insurance as it covers a pre-defined period of time and does not have an investment component

Read more about term life insurance here.

There’s no hard and steadfast rule on how much life insurance you need. Every individual is different and their needs vary depending on their age, marital status, debt, number of dependents, etc.

Luckily we have some reading material and an online life insurance calculator that can help you easily calculate how much life insurance you need.

Term life insurance covers an individual for a specific period of time; whole life insurance covers an individual for the rest of their life. Whereas term life insurance is fairly straightforward and offers a pre-determined death benefit, whole life insurance offers both a death benefit and an investment component. There is also a significant difference in price, with term life insurance on the lower end of the spectrum. Read a more in-depth explanation of the different types of life insurance here.

Go to our life insurance comparison tool and answer a few basic questions and you’ll be able to compare the best life insurance quotes and policies from 16 of Canada’s largest life insurance companies.

This all depends on the policy, coverage amount, and term that you choose, plus individual factors like your age, health, smoking status and more. Use our free term life insurance online quoting tool to instantly receive term life insurance quotes from 16 of Canada’s largest insurers. Answer a few basic questions and you’ll know exactly how much life insurance costs for you.

Quite often the answer is yes. There are several reasons why your group coverage may be lacking: the benefit doesn’t cover your needs adequately, the coverage isn’t portable with you and you have little control over the plan offered to you.

Term life insurance is more flexible and offers guaranteed protection in ways group life insurance coverage cannot. Read more about why you may need supplementary term life coverage here.

The best life insurance coverage is subjective. Different Canadian insurance companies offer different policies suited to a large number of individual situations and needs. That’s why we built our online life insurance comparison tool so you can easily compare term life insurance providers and quotes from 16 of the country’s largest life insurance companies, and purchase the best term life insurance for your specific situation. We help you obtain term life insurance with policies from Assumption Life, BMO, Canada Life, CPP, La Capitale, Empire Life, Equitable, Foresters, Humania, iA Group, ivari, Manulife, RBC, SSQ, and Wawanesa.

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