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Life insurance made easy

I want life insurance to:

Go Live Your Life. We've Got You Covered.

At PolicyAdvisor, our passion is to simplify your insurance buying experience, so you can get on with life.

Everything You Wanted Insurance To Be

We are transforming a complex, slow, manual insurance buying process by making it:



Easy to understand and buy
without jargon



Find the perfect insurance policy
with lowest rates, within minutes



Apply for coverage, anytime,
anywhere, on any device

Save up to

40 %
on Life Insurance
when you compare rates with us*
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How PolicyAdvisor Works

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  • one by three 1

    We find the perfect policy

    We ask a few questions, crunch some numbers and compare the top insurers. We offer the lowest rates available specifically for you.

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    We give advice

    Not sure which provider to pick? We have comparison tools, advice articles and a team of insurance brokers you can call or chat with.

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    We get you covered

    Once you pick a policy, we help you dot every i and cross every t so you can submit your application with complete confidence.

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And all along the way: No Fees!

We don’t charge those. For anything.

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Let us know the coverage you're looking for and we'll compare the top companies to find you the lowest price available.


Need a Checkup?

If you're not sure where to start, we can assess your insurance needs and let you know where you're most vulnerable.


Need Advice?

We've written some articles in plain English to help you understand all the insurance jargon. No lexicon needed.

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Questions About Insurance?

We've got that covered too.

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