Life insurance offers and promotions 2024


Some of the top Canadian life insurance providers offer limited-time promotional pricing on some of their insurance products from time to time. Check our website or speak with your advisors every now and then to see which company can offer the best rates for your needs.


If you’re looking for life insurance promotions so you can get financial security without paying an arm and a leg, you’re in luck! Heading into 2024, some of the top insurance companies in Canada are offering lower rates.

Life insurance does not go on sale in the traditional sense, but Canadian insurance companies can offer promotions to new customers from time to time.

Check out the list below to find out who’s offering promos and what kind of deals you can get right now!

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Which Canadian companies are offering life insurance promotions in 2024?

Right now, you can get life insurance promotions and offers from:

Canada Life offers on term life insurance

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Canada Life’s rates for its My Term™ are currently reduced across all term lengths. The reduced rates also apply to term life insurance riders added onto universal and participating whole life insurance policies.

Specific categories of applicants, like those 30 years and under or 55 years and older, will also have reduced rates.

For 30-year term life insurance policies, the average weighted decrease in rates is between 4% to 13%.

For term policies with coverage of $2 million to $4.99 million, rates can be lower by as much as 16%.

PolicyAdvisor rated Canada Life as one of the best life insurance companies in Canada. Read our full Canada Life Insurance Review to learn more. 

Assumption Life offers on term life insurance

Assumption Whole Life

Assumption Life Insurance has adjusted premium rates for its highly-rated FlexTerm life insurance product. The adjustment has resulted in rate reductions of up to 5%, while continuing to offer built-in benefits and additional rider options.

PolicyAdvisor rated Assumption Life as one of the best life insurance companies in Canada. Read our full Assumption Life Insurance Review to learn more. 

Foresters offers on term life insurance

Foresters Whole Life Insurance

Foresters has announced permanent rate reductions on its Term Life insurance product as of 2024. Premium rates are lowered up to 17%. Plus, the lowered rate will last for the entire duration of your selected term.

The lower rates will apply to new term policies, with the biggest price drop for policies that fall under the following categories:

  • Term 10: Non-smokers, ages 35-45 – $500,000 to $1,000,000 in coverage
  • Term 20: Non-smokers, ages 30-50 – $250,000 to $1,500,000 in coverage
  • Term 30: Non-smokers, ages 30-45 – $500,000 to $1,000,000 in coverage

Read our full Foresters Life Insurance Canada Review to learn more about this product or contact our licensed insurance advisors to find out how you can get this deal.

Desjardins offers on term life insurance

Desjardins, one of the oldest and biggest insurers in Canada, has lowered prices for its term life insurance products. These decreases could be up to 15.3% depending on the applicant’s age and desired amount of coverage.

The offer applies to Term 10, Term 20, Term 30, Term 65, Universal Life Term 10, and Universal Life Term 20 policies with coverage of at least $250,000. Desjardins also offers additional savings when you apply for multiple insurance coverages at the same time.

Read our full Desjardins life insurance review to learn more about some of the eligible policies and contact our advisors for further help with Desjardins insurance products.

Industrial Alliance (iA) offers on term life insurance

IA Whole Life Insurance

Industrial Alliance (iA) has lowered the premium rates for their term life insurance products. The lowered rates are as follows:

  • Term 10 & Term 15 – Up to 15% off for policies $250,000 or more (applicants 50 years or older)
  • Term 20 – Up to 8% off of policies $500,00 or more
  • Term 25 – Up to 5% off of policies $500,000 or more
  • Term 30 & Term 40 – Up to 13% off for policies $1 million or more
  • Additional savings for $2 million policies are available

By using PolicyAdvisor’s online tools you can get term life insurance quotes from iA in minutes and see these new rates. This rate change can equal significant savings over the course of a term life insurance policy you hold with iA.

Read our full Industrial Alliance term life insurance review to learn more about some of the eligible policies and contact our advisors for further help with iA insurance products.

How can I find insurance promotions and offers?

You can get life insurance promotions and offers by checking out the best life insurance quotes in Canada online on our website! Compare the top providers in minutes to find the best deals.

You can also speak with an expert at PolicyAdvisor. Our team has experience with all of Canada’s largest insurance companies and can help you find the right coverage while taking advantage of these limited-time offers. Book some time with us today to find out how.

Some limitations apply. Please speak with our advisors for full policy details.

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