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Whether you need term life insurance, whole life insurance, no medical life insurance or any other type of coverage available in Alberta, PolicyAdvisor has you covered.

Our simple-to-use tools and expert advisors have been helping Albertans get life insurance quotes and coverage easily and online.

  • Save Time. Get no-obligation quotes from Alberta’s top life insurance companies in minutes.
  • Save Money. Compare quotes from multiple Canadian insurance providers at once to ensure you get the best price.
  • Shop Anywhere. PolicyAdvisor’s online insurance tools let you shop and compare quotes on your phone or computer from anywhere you can access the internet.
  • Personalized Service. Every PolicyAdvisor customer in Alberta is assigned their own experienced insurance advisor. They don’t work on commission, and instead ensure you get the right coverage for your needs and budget.

The easiest way to get life insurance quotes online in Alberta

Life Insurance Quotes Online

Some online insurance brokers in Alberta simply collect your contact information and have a representative call you to start the same old process to get a life insurance quote. We’re different.

  1. Provide basic details
    Give us some basic details about your age, sex, and smoking status and we can get started.
  2. Choose your coverage
    Enter the term and amount of insurance you’re looking for, or simply use a slider to get to the correct number.
  3. Get a quote and customize it
    Choose a life insurance quote from 20 Canadian insurance companies. Change the term, amounts, and more to suit your unique needs.
"How much life insurance do I need in Alberta?"
life insurance calculator ontario
Needs calculator

Not sure of exactly how much life insurance you need in Alberta? No worries!

Finding the sweet spot for how much life insurance Albertans need is no enviable task. You don’t want to choose so little as to not cover any outstanding debts as well as the cost of living in Alberta for those you leave behind.

At the same time, choosing an amount that’s too large may prove costly in the future. What if you realize you may not have needed that much insurance coverage and could have saved some money?

A common rule of thumb is to choose 8-10 times your yearly income as your death benefit. For a more precise answer, take into account any debts you have, your family’s living expenses, future education needs of your children, plan for end-of-life expenses and any other allocations (e.g. charitable donations) you may want to make.

Our life insurance needs calculator takes your financial situation and allocation preferences into account and helps you determine the right amount of life insurance coverage in Alberta.

Get online life insurance quotes from
the best insurance companies in Alberta

The country’s top insurance companies offer unique policies to fit the individual coverage needs of anyone living in Alberta. Having the choice and knowledge to pick the policy and provider that’s right for your situation goes a long way in protecting you and your loved ones against unfortunate circumstances.

That’s why PolicyAdvisor partners with 20+ of the top insurance companies in the country – the most by any online broker. We make sure you have the greatest number of options when choosing an insurance company to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We can help Albertans obtain a term life insurance policy from Assumption Life, BenevaBMO InsuranceCanada LifeCanada Protection PlanDesjardins, Empire LifeEquitable LifeForestersHumaniaiA GroupivariManulifeRBC, and Wawanesa.

How much does Life Insurance cost in Alberta?

One of the major factors by which life insurance premiums are calculated in Alberta is your age. It should come as no surprise that Alberta life insurance premiums rise as you get older – but did you know your age is determined by your nearest birthday.

Click on any of the ages here to find out more about Alberta life insurance rates at these stages in one’s life, or click on the calculator button. Find out how much your policy might cost in less than 5 minutes.

Premium cost in your

Premium cost in your

Premium cost in your

Premium cost for


Find out the cost of life insurance in Alberta, within seconds

Find out the cost of life insurance in Alberta, within seconds

Can I get life insurance in Alberta with no medical exam?

life insurance ontario no medical

Many people in Alberta live with medical conditions and health issues they assume will prevent them from getting insurance coverage. Others need insurance coverage more quickly than traditional medical underwriting takes. Fortunately, Albertans can get an insurance policy without a medical examination or bloodwork.

Given the recent global pandemic and a greater focus on physical distancing, many are uncomfortable with the thought of going to a crowded lab for medical tests or inviting a stranger into their home for a medical exam.

PolicyAdvisor offers several ways for those in Alberta to apply for life insurance without a face-to-face meeting. Besides an aversion for blood tests or prior health concerns, there are several other reasons someone might elect for non-medical life insurance. In these cases, a simplified or guaranteed issue insurance policy provides more options.

You can shop for quotes, speak to a licensed Alberta online insurance broker, and apply for life insurance all without leaving your own home or having a face-to-face meeting.

More Alberta Facts

  • Albertans love nature. Five of Canada’s 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Alberta: Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Wood Buffalo National Park, and the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks (Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho Parks, as well as provincial parks at Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine and Hamber).
  • One of Alberta’s most popular tourist destinations is the town of Vulcan. While you won’t find Spock there, they do have a 31-foot replica of the starship Enterprise.
  • Edmonton, Alberta added “City of Champions” to town signs after the late ’80s dominance of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. Other Albertan professional sports teams include the Edmonton Elks, the Calgary Flames, and the Calgary Stampeders.
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